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Brick Cleaning NYC

Brick cleaning in New York City and Westchester.

A power wash can bring a new, fresh look to your home or business. MH Restoration has the skills to perform this service on a wide range of buildings that have all different exterior materials. Just a few common ones we work on include bricks, siding, and concrete. All of these can build up dirt over time, and it may be difficult to tell just how unclean they are unless you physically put your hand to them. Having a power wash done will leave your property looking great and avoid wear and tear from environmental factors in the future.

Leaving power washing or brick cleaning to a professional, such as MH Restoration, will give you better peace of mind than if you did it yourself. It’s a process that requires honed skills to avoid causing any irreversible damage. Plus, having an expert do the job for you will give you peace of mind and the results that you’re looking for. Your home or business’s exterior will be entirely free of dirt and grime, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who happens to look at your property.


brick cleaning ny

Brick Cleaning in NY

Although brick is a relatively low maintenance material, which is part of its major appeal, it still needs to be cleaned from time to time. MH Restoration recommends having us do a professional cleaning for your bricks at least once a year. It’s also ideal to have this service done right after a heavy rain storm that could leave your home or business looking dirty. This will improve the outward appearance of your residential or commercial home.

Performing a truly thorough job, our professionals will completely clean all of your bricks. No detail will be overlooked. Besides just dirt, this includes any unusual growth, such as mold or mildew. We have the expertise and the materials to eliminate all of these from the surface of your bricks. Should any of your brick joints have holes or be damaged in any way, we’ll repair them before beginning the power wash too. This extra step ensures that no water will seep into the walls of your building.

We’ll also skillfully carry out the procedure, avoiding any potential for damage and providing a truly remarkable clean. Experienced in working with some of the industry’s most advanced equipment, our technicians will know what settings to use for your specific building to get the best results.

Power Wash in NYC

A power wash involves using a machine that sprays a powerful stream of fresh, hot water. This combination can easily clean tough surfaces and remove unwanted things, like gum, that may be wedged in cracks. It also easily rids any surfaces of dirt, mold, and more. The use of hot water is what makes this process unique from pressure washing, which can be done at any temperature.

Choosing a power wash for your building guarantees a comprehensive clean. The water stream will be able to access every nook and cranny. In addition, a power wash is included with our brick pointing services. This is usually conducted once we’ve grind the joints. Performing a power wash will eliminate any possible residue that may still remain on them before we work on any other part of the job.