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Brick Grinding and Pointing

Brick Pointing Contractors in New York City

Brickwork is always a stunning aspect of any building’s exterior. However, as it experiences wear and tear over time, it may need to be restored by a professional. That’s where MH Restoration comes in with our brick pointing in services. Our craftsmen will beautifully enhance the look of your bricks to impress your customers and visitors once more, without the need of replacing them with entirely new ones. This process also protects your building from unwanted leaks and other environmental factors.

• When do you need brick re-pointing?

Have you been experiencing water seeping through your brick walls? Are there also cracks and chips in the bricks themselves? It may be time to have brick re-pointing done. This service is essential for preserving the condition of your bricks, as the mortar joints start to deteriorate over time. Brick pointing is what blocks out water from entering the building through the walls. If water continues to enter through the spaces in the weathered mortar joints, damage can occur and build up, particularly in the colder months.

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• Our Process
To ensure every brick re-pointing job is thoroughly carried out to the best of our abilities, they’re performed only by trained professionals with years of experience. Not all brick walls are the same or experience the same amount of weathering, so each one is handled on an individual basis. Our experts will thoroughly analyze the condition of your bricks to determine everything that needs to be done. This involves procedures from grinding the mortar to replacing certain bricks that have too many cracks. Once the job is completed, your walls will look as good as new without the hassle or cost of replacing them.

Our process begins with brick grinding, which cleans out the joints of the mortar and removes any heavily damaged bricks. This is done to prepare the wall before any further work is done. Once that’s completed, all cracks and joints are refilled and ready to last another few decades against environmental elements.

Furthermore, any damaged bricks that had to be removed will be replaced with new ones that will match perfectly. MH Restoration has an assortment of bricks to match any style that our customers may have. We also have our clients personally approve of the color and style before we fit them in the wall.

• No Need To Replace All of Your Bricks
Mortar is usually the material of choice to hold bricks together in almost any structure. Its composition makes it much softer than the surrounding bricks, which allows it to experience the majority of the weathering from the elements. Damaged or cracked mortar is much easier and less expensive to replace than the bricks themselves.

So when you find that your mortar needs to be retouched, MH Restoration is ready to help with our grinding and re-pointing services. Your brick walls will have a new look to them that will resemble when they were first installed, complete with no more leaks.

• Brick Pointing for New Construction
Our brick pointing services are available for new structures. This procedure is completed when bricks are first installed to ensure that no water will seep through the mortar and threaten your structure. MH Restoration would be happy to assist in new construction projects with our brick pointing solutions, ensuring that these new properties will look wonderful for decades.