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Parapet Wall Construction and Repair

Parapet Wall Repair & Construction in NYC.

Parapet walls provide safety, aesthetic appeal, and are sometimes necessary for your building to meet codes and requirements set by the state. MH Restoration is proficient in both construction and repair for any type of parapet wall you may need for your building.

A parapet wall is a low type of wall that is often used for rooftops, providing a protective barrier for anyone who’s up there. These walls can easily transform rooftops into a safe environment for parties, a pool area, and more. Many homeowners and business owners have this type of construction installed to improve the appearance of their property as well.

Another reason why someone might have a parapet wall installed is to have defense from the wind. When wind threatens your building, parapet walls on the roof can resist its force and absorb the damage that might have affected the edging of your roof. As these walls are cheaper and easier to replace than roofs, they’re highly recommended for areas that receive a lot of wind. They can also either complement or mask the look of your roofing structure.


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Parapet Wall Contractor

Our parapet wall specialists are remarkably skilled in both construction and repair. MH Restoration will easily exceed any of your expectations and provide you with topnotch, extraordinary work. This is especially important when we’re constructing parapet walls to meet codes. We have a thorough understanding of the industry and local codes, so we’ll deliver work that meets standards set by your town and the state of New York. There's a reason why MH Restoration is the premier brick pointing contractor of NY.

Furthermore, we have a wide selection of materials that can match any building. They’re also some of the highest quality selections available in the industry, ensuring that your parapet wall construction will endure for decades. Whether it’s a small repair or an entirely new installation, it’ll perfectly match the look of your residential or commercial building.

Parapet Wall Rebuild

Having a parapet wall constructed is one way to easily improve the look and functionality of your building. Before MH Restoration begins the installation, our team will work with you to select the perfect material and establish a timeline for the project.

Whether you’d like to have a parapet wall installed to meet code or just think it would be a nice way to enhance your home’s exterior, you can rest assured that it’ll be constructed with the finest techniques in the industry. All of our construction work is performed to endure for decades on your property, giving you the reassurance you’re look for. In addition, it’s all conducted by knowledgeable and friendly craftsmen.

Parapet Wall Repair

We’re capable of remedying any parapet wall that’s in need of repair, with services ranging from filling in subtle cracks to replacing entire damaged sections. Just a couple of common occurrences that can affect this structure include high winds and weathering. If your parapet wall is damaged, it could be doing more harm than good to your building. It won’t be able to adequately meet building codes and may not give rooftop visitors complete safety.

Repairs will be carried out to perfectly match the existing look of your parapet wall construction. Once our work is completed, it will be impossible to tell that there was even a crack in the structure to begin with.